Travis Browne on Josh Barnett and Making Excuses


Without a doubt Travis Browne went from just “some Heavyweight” to a guy that people are definitely taking notice of. His high profile wins over Alistair Overeem and now Josh Barnett have put him into the limelight in the Heavyweight division with there already being talks about him in line for a title shot if all goes according to plan against Fabricio Werdum. After the fight, Josh Barnett appeared on the MMA Hour and laid out how he wasn’t there mentally for the fight with Travis Browne, then laid out a twelve step plan for himself.

According to Travis Browne it all comes across as a bit hollow as he felt that Barnett was making excuses for the loss as opposed to just accepting it and moving on. [source]

“He had these twelve steps and all this other kind of nonsense when really there’s just one step, one thing you really need to do in this sport, and it’s the Golden Rule, and that’s make no excuses,” Browne said on the most recent edition of The MMA Hour.

Browne’s take on the subject of excuses runs a little deeper than that, the No. 3 ranked UFC heavyweight continued by saying, “If you make no excuses, there’s nothing holding you back. People beat themselves in this sport. On that night, on any night, I’m the better fighter. I 100 percent believe that of myself, and that’s why I went out there and did what no one else has done in such a short amount of time to a fighter like Josh Barnett.”