Tim Kennedy Says Greg Jackson Doesn’t Make Boring Fighters, Zahabi Does

Greg Jackson has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the last few years, as he’s been called everything from a boring game planner to a “sport killer” by Dana White while Dana was in one of his rages. Tim Kennedy, who has made a home for himself at the Greg Jackson camp seems to feel differently and that working there has done wonders for his career and that the whole “boring” label might be because of Georges St-Pierre.

Georges St-Pierre is one of the higher profile fighters who has been known to work with the Jackson camp, but his head trainer has been Firas Zahabi up at the TriStar Gym. According to Tim Kennedy, people should be pointing the finger to Firas Zahabi for making boring fighters, not Greg Jackson, with his proof being GSP and Rory MacDonald.

I’d have to say that it’s a pretty solid argument from Tim Kennedy thus far, what do you think? [link]

“In my last fight camp, it was me, Rustam (Khabilov), Adlan (Amagov), and (Donald) Cerrone, all in fight camp at the same time. All of us fighting three weeks apart and all of us had a ‘knockout of the night’ or ‘fight of the night.’ Then you look at Firas (Zahabi) and you look at Rory MacDonald.”