Royce Gracie Thinks That the Gracie Clan Has Lost Its Way

The Gracie name used to be one to be feared and revered. It took Kazushi Sakuraba to really “solve” the Gracie mystery, but even after that, the name still held clout for many years. The truth is, when we think about the modern Gracies, we think about Saturday’s WSOF and comical knockouts now, not top level competitors. Royce Gracie spoke out about the situation and it seems like he’s unhappy with the younger Gracies and their performances.

“Jiu-jitsu is enough,” Royce Gracie told “I’ve trained boxing in the past to learn the distance, trained wrestling to understand how he would take me down, but I won’t get there to fight my opponent’s game. The (new) guys (from the Gracie) family want to complement their game, like if jiu-jitsu was incomplete. I guess they forgot a little about history.”