Roy Nelson Scores Scary Walk-Off KO Over Big Nog

There is a very valid set of reasons why Roy Nelson vs. Big Nog should have never been booked in the first place, with the end result of the fight being all that you need to explain to people why. Big Nog was in shape and looked sharp, but as soon as Roy Nelson’s fists connected with him it was clear that he was unable to take the same level of punishment that he could in the past. This fight was kind of brutal, in a way, because you could see how every strike that connected was hurting Big Nog.

In fact, this fight just barely went past three and a half minutes but felt a lot longer. That isn’t a good thing. Roy Nelson scored three knockdowns of the former PRIDE and UFC Heavyweight Champion, with the third being the exclamation point, with Big Nog unable to get up. In fact, Nelson knew that, connected with the shot and just walked off. Ouch.

GIF by ZProphet.