Roy Nelson Calls Daniel Cormier an ‘Uncle Tom’

The hits just keep on coming as UFC fighters are an endless stream of PR nightmares, with a few in particular being media darlings. Roy “Big Country” Nelson seems to be the next fighter who has said something a bit suspect in trying to hype up his next fight. His next fight is against Stipe Miocic, but according to him he was supposed to fight Daniel Cormier.

Cormier was not medically cleared to fight, so the UFC found someone else. Cormier then said that he’d fight Nelson at any time and that he’d do it for Dana White, which led to this interview today. After a few minutes of Helwani and Big Country chumming around about a Roy Nelson t-shirt, Roy calls Daniel Cormier an “Uncle Tom” for standing up for Dana White and towing the company line like that.

I’m sure that Mike Kogan has the link to UrbanDictionary handy for this one, but if you are unaware of the term, it is a fairly offensive/racist remark to be said about a black man sucking up to a white man for favor.