Ronda Rousey Has Left Her Olympic Medal in Strange Places

Ronda Rousey has an Olympic Medal to her credit, which is something that most UFC fighters cannot claim. The thing is, that Olympic Medal has had a hard time staying in her possession as apparently Ronda Rousey has lost it on more than one occasion, with her sharing some of these stories to the press during open workouts this afternoon.

It’s funny because it reads like Ronda Rousey was pulling some Tim Sylvia stunts with her Olympic medal, but not to the degree that Timmy did, obviously. [source]

“After the Olympics I was like ‘I never get to drink,’ so I was like, ‘maybe I’ll get free drinks if I go out with my medal.’ There were so many times I woke up the next morning and thought ‘where’s my medal, is it under the bed?’

“A friend of mine woke up, on an airplane,” Rousey said, “and reached into his pocket, and said look at this, it’s your medal.'”