Ronda Rousey Just Pounded Alexis Davis Out in Seconds


Holy hell is Ronda Rousey amazing. I mean, we all expected Ronda Rousey to win against Alexis Davis at UFC 175, sure, but we all expected it to be by armbar. We didn’t expect Ronda Rousey to win via ground ‘n pound, yet that is exactly what she did. It’s almost difficult to explain because it was fluid, beautiful. They were exchanging fists standing up before Ronda landed a right hand, then a knee to the body which transitioned into a judo hip toss where Rousey held on and then rained down punches before Davis went out.

I mean, it was just one smooth motion, it was amazing. Ronda Rousey just made Alexis Davis look bad, hell, Davis was fighting the ref after she was so out of it. Amazing title defense.