It’s Rampage Jackson and Mayhem Miller Practicing Pro Wrestling

When Quinton Rampage Jackson signed with Bellator he didn’t just sign with Bellator, he signed with Viacom. That meant that he would appear not only on Bellator programming, but also that he’d appear on TNA Wrestling programming as well. There really hasn’t been much Rampage Jackson in TNA to speak of just yet, hell, there are doubts as to TNA Wrestling surviving 2014, but it seems like Rampage Jackson is trying to keep up with his pro wrestling training, that or he’s noticed that people think it’s cool when Ronda Rousey and her crew post videos of them faux-fighting each other.

This video features Rampage Jackson and a few of his crew at the gym going through some pro wrestling stuff. Yes, that is Mayhem Miller that you see in there as well. Mayhem Miller would really be a guy that belongs in professional wrestling and I’m shocked we haven’t seen that yet.