Rampage Jackson Apparently Slated to Fight Roy Jones Jr. in Boxing

Well, this is kind of confusing, to say the least.

When Quinton “Rampage” Jackson signed his contract with Bellator, he wasn’t just signing a contract with Bellator, but he was signing a contract with Viacom. Rampage was finally going to get what he deserved, he thought. He was going to be treated like a star and paraded around as such. He talked about a possible future movie deal, how he had a few films written and so forth, as well as other opportunities.

It wasn’t exactly clear what those opportunities would be until today, when it came out that Rampage Jackson was going to fight Roy Jones, Jr. in a Boxing fight, probably, at the end of the year, Viacom hosting the fight on PPV, going head-to-head with the UFC’s UFC 168.