Quinton Jackson Admits That Not Many Wanted to See the Tito Ortiz Fight

It takes a certain kind of maturity to admit when something is just wrong and fans aren’t into it. That kind of maturity is probably not something that fans would expect from Quinton Jackson. The thing is, he is kind of almost there. Crazy, right? Quinton Jackson made the big switch from the UFC to Bellator and was all ready to go for a PPV fight against Tito Ortiz until Ortiz pulled out of the fight and the PPV turned into a free TV card, Rampage moved to another card.

The thing is, nobody wanted to see Quinton Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz in 2013. Rampage seems to be at least a little bit aware of this. [source]

“It just didn’t look like the fans was into that fight on social media and stuff,” Jackson said. “It looked like, a lot of times you get like one percent of haters, but that fight had more than one percent, that had like 40 percent haters. Seemed like a lot of people didn’t like that fight. You can’t let haters stop you, but at the same time you hear it, you see it, I think the haters still would have tuned in just to see what would happen, but they were out there.”