Postmortem: Cut Throat MMA – Supremacy II

Cut Throat MMA – Supremacy II – Hammond Civic Center – Hammond, Indiana. 2/20/

Indiana is no longer just the land of corn and hogs, but also the part time home of an up and coming mixed martial arts promotion that delivers amazing fights from start to finish! Great production and pacing marked an evening of exciting action to a nearly sold out crowd at Cut Throat MMA – Supremacy II in Hammond, Indiana on February 19th, 2011. Veterans Eddie Wineland, Mark Miller and Wes Sims made guest appearances while the Tilted Kilt provided ring card girls.

Notable stories from the event included the victorious return of Jay Estrada after a two year layoff, an epic three round slugfest in the Co-Main Event between Dan Aguirre and Larry DiGiullio, as well as Justin Ruggio defending his title with a dominating performance over Steve Patterson.

Play by play of all the action can be found below:

Main Event
Name: Justin Ruggio
Weight: 185
Team/Gym: Team Immortal

Name: Steve Patterson
Weight: 185
Team/Gym: Randori Jiu Jitsu

Round 1 -The two fighters rush out scrambling and Patterson lands a hard right cross that drops Ruggio. Ruggio uses the whizzer to get right back up but eventually they end up on the ground again with Ruggio in Patterson’s guard. Multiple submission attempts from Patterson. Patterson with an armbar. Ruggio escapes. The two scramble, Patterson transitions to a straight arm bar. Ruggio escapes yet again. Back on the ground Ruggio continues his smothering assault on Patterson while the crowd chants his name. Patterson locks up a triangle which looks tight but Ruggio is able to lossen the choke by standing up. Ruggio lands a blow to the back of the head. The Ref stops the action and gives a warning. Round  1 ends.

Round 2- Ruggio looks fresh while Patterson is noticeably fatigued. It becomes evident that there is an obvious advantage in the stand up for Ruggio. The entire second round plays out with Ruggio controlling the round from top position and striking the head and body. After several haphazard attempts from Patterson to submit from the bottom, the round ends.

Round 3 – Both fighters looking fatigued now. Patterson down two rounds to none, presses the action against the cage hoping to get top control for the first time in this contest. Ruggio is able to keep it standing and lands a looping right hand on the button that drops Patterson as the two fighters exchange wildly in the center of the cage. Ruggio follows him to the ground and lands 2 more shots before the ref steps in and stops the action.
Winner – Ruggio (KO)

Co-Main Event
Name: Dan Aguirre
Weight: 135
Team/Gym: Team No Ego

Name: Larry DiGiullio
Weight: 135
Team/Gym: Gilbert Grappling

Round 1 – Head kick from Aguirre. Leg kicks from Aguirre. Clinch from Aguirre. They
separate. DiGiullio landing some shots and body locks Aguirre against the cage. Big left
hook from DiGiuillio. DiGiullo catches a kick and Aguirre jumps to kick him with his
other leg. Aguirre ends up on the ground while DiGiullio is standing over him kicking
him in the legs. Round ends.

Round 2 – Aguirre secures clinch and takedown early. DiGiullio reverses it. They’re back on their feet and trading blows yet again. Close fight. Hard to call after two rounds but the crowd seems behind both fighters.

Round 3 –Aguirre with the clinch and takedown. Aguirre pulls guard looking for an arm bar but they get back standing. An illegal knee while DiGiullio had his knees and hand on ground brings a stop to the action. Warning from ref but no points taken. More clinch work from Aguirre secures him the round easily. The two end the round trading blows much to the delight of the cheering crowd. The sound in the arena is deafening as we wait for the decision. Fight of the night for sure on this one, but Aguirre takes the split decision. I had it 29-28 DiGiullio.
Winner- Aguirre (Split Decision)

Name: Josh Lee
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: Independent

Name: Jay Estrada
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: Southside Knockout

Round 1 – Lee comes out quickly and lands two punches and a knee. They clinch up against the cage fighting for position for a large portion of the round. Lee works for a take down but Estrada is able to get separation. Estrada goes for a couple of throws. Huge uppercut from Estrada who proceeds to get the takedown. The round ends with Estrada smashing elbows into Lee.

Round 2 – The two come out exchanging, Estrada landing uppercuts yet again. Lee ends up on bottom with Estrada relentlessly landing a lot of blows from top. The Ref  seems close to stopping it, Estrada takes Lee’s back and secures the rear naked choke.
Winner – Estrada (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)

Name: Randy Crawford
Weight: 175
Team/Gym: HammerHouse

Name: Keith Wisniewski
Weight: 175
Team/Gym: Duneland Valle Tudo

Round 1 – The two fighters lock horns in the center of the cage to start the action. Wisniewski has control in the clinch and ends Crawfords night early with a percussive knee to the forehead that left him unable to continue.
Winner- Wisniewski (TKO)

Name: Kent Rexford
Weight: 185
Team/Gym: Wrecking Ball

Name: Danny Vizcaya
Weight: 185
Team/Gym: Power Martial Arts

Round 1 – Vizcaya ends up on top in the scramble to start the round. In Rexford’s full guard, he locks an armbar but losses it quickly. Vizcaya stays busy on top with strikes. Trying to defend himself from the barrage Vizcaya takes Rexford’s back.  Short break in the action looks like inadvertent blows to the back of the head. The two end up back on the ground with Vizcaya securing the Rear Naked Choke.
Winner – Vizcaya (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)

Name: Ben Koff
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: MMA Masters

Name: Scott Sands
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: Team Coral

Round 1 –Sands goes for the take down and ends up in Koff’s full guard. Sands works the body with punches, not much else happening. Sands decides to turn up the heat and drops a flurry of  punches as he postures up. Koff taps to strikes.
Winner – Sands – Submission (Strikes)

Name: Dan Benoit
Weight: 155
Team/Gym: Gilbert Grappling

Name: Nick Scotti
Weight: 155
Team/Gym: Wrecking Ball

Round 1 – Big scramble to start the fight, Benoit ends up on top in Scotti’s guard. Scotti goes for an armbar while Benoit gets to Scotti’s side. Benoit postures up and rains shots while Scotti tries to defend himself. Benoit secures a tight guillotine to finish the fight.
Winner – Benoit (Submission-Guillotine)

Name: Brandon Delprado
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: Team Colon

Name: Brad Muthart
Weight: 170
Team/Gym: Gilbert Grappling

Round 1 – The round starts with a quick exchange, both guys throwing bombs. Delprado lands a huge shot, drops Muthart and follows it up with 6-8 unanswered blows on the ground forcing the ref to stop the fight at 34 seconds into the first round.
Winner – DelPrado (TKO)

Name: Mike Pickett
Weight: 160
Team/Gym: Indiana Boys

Name: Jonatas Novaes
Weight: 160
Team/Gym: FLO

Round 1 – The two fighters trade kicks early before Novaes is able to get Pickett to the ground. Novaes proceeds to impose his will while landing hard leg kicks from his feet. Noaves goes to the ground again and secures mount quickly, locks an arm triangle and forces a tap.
Winner – Novaes (Submission – Arm Triangle)