MMA Ref Josh Rosenthal Pleads Guilty in Marijuana Case

There always seems to be some sort of complication in the fight world, something that just comes completely out of the blue and knocks everyone for a loop. The latest is that veteran MMA referee Josh Rosenthal has apparently plead guilty in a case involving a whole lot of marijuana. He has plead guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana as well as possession with the intent to distribute.

This comes after federal agents raided a warehouse in Oakland, Calif. that was owned by Rosenthal and another, unnamed associate, where they discovered over 1,300 marijuana plants. That much marijuana had an apparent street value at over $6 million, which is a whole lot of weed. The deal that he has plead to includes 37 months in prison, fines and five years of probation, which is a lot better than the ten years to life sentence that he faced without the plea. [Source]