Miesha Tate Believes that Ronda ‘Flipped at Switch’ While Recording TUF 18

So we all know that The Ultimate Fighter 18 is coming up, which will feature Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate as opposing coaches in a house with both genders, ZOMG, right? We’ve been hearing a little bit about this upcoming season, and all signs point to Rousey possibly being kind of crazy on it, so much so that she took off to Europe to prepare for her upcoming fight with Miesha and doesn’t want to be around in the United States while the show is airing. Crazy, right?

Miesha Tate did a Fox Sports Google Hangout with their usual suspects and Miesha had a lot to say (transcription by BE).

I’ve had people I worked with before that I didn’t get along with, but never to this extent. I don’t know what her reasoning was for it, but at one point she just flipped a switch and she just became this mega-bitch. For the rest of the season it was just horrible having to deal with her. Probably about a week in, everything just changed and it was all just a downhill slope from there.

She puts on this tough girl act. She flips me off and she cusses me out. She does all these things and I really think deep down inside it’s because she respects me a lot. She’s realizing the first time she was able to get away with that. It bothered me and she was able to emotionally manipulate me and this time it’s not. So, I think she’s even more aggravated about it and that’s why she’s really escalated.

Now that she can’t do that I think it really pisses her off and it bothers her, the fact that I just laugh at it.