Michael Bisping will break down Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman for you, he doesn’t even want anything for it.

I’m still reeling from the fact that Michael Bisping may no longer be an active DJ and may only be in a fighting/FOX Sports commentary role for the foreseeable future. I could go on and on of my love for DJ Michael Bisping, but it really won’t help anyone, and I will only be embarrassing myself further. But seriously, DJ Michael Bisping never die.

With that said, the hot topic around the MMA world is now Anderson Silva’s July title fight with Chris Weidman. The 9-0 middleweight has been calling for a shot at Anderson’s belt for nearly a year, and now that the fight is finally booked the trash talk has officially begun.

Man, when will people realize that they shouldn’t make Anderson upset? Why poke the bear. Either way: here’s Bisping’s breakdown of the Silva/Weidman fight.