Mayweather vs. Maidana Post-Fight Press Conference

I’ve seen plenty of post-fight press conferences, but this was a bit different than what I’m used to.

As MMA media, when I think ‘post-fight presser,’ I think Dana White giving us the numbers, along with the post-fight bonuses, followed by the media asking questions in a relatively normal way.

Following his May 3rd majority decision victory over Marcos Maidana in one of his toughest fights ever, Floyd Mayweather was center stage as per usual.

Mayweather spent about 25 minutes of the presser taking questions from the media, along with speaking both positively and negatively about Maidana and their fight in a sort of contradictory way.

And let’s not forget Mayweather’s posse, crew, team, or whatever you may, behind him the entire time, which in my opinion seems a tad bit unprofessional.

But that’s just Floyd being Floyd, I guess.

Check out the full post-fight press conference here: