Matt Riddle Added to Bellator’s Welterweight Tournament

Matt Riddle, another of the marijuana victims in MMA, has found himself in a pretty decent position in his post-UFC career, as Bellator worked hard to bring him in. Now that they have Matt Riddle under contract they are looking to bring Riddle into the limelight by tossing him into the mix with their Welterweight tournament that they will be running this fall.

When Riddle steps into the Bellator ring it will be the first time in his professional career that he’s fought anywhere other than the UFC, which is almost hard to believe. The young Riddle began his career on Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter and has amassed an impressive 7-3-2 record, with the two no contests being wins that were overturned due to testing positive for marijuana.

With recent claims from guys like Ben Askren that they’ve only been tested once or twice by Bellator over the span of multiple fights, one has to think that Riddle should be able to avoid more no contests in the near future, but nothing is for certain.