Lorenzo Fertitta Upset by GSP’s Statement about the UFC

Yesterday we heard about GSP’s big complaint with the UFC not supporting him in regards to stricter drug testing, which made sense given the situation and how Dana White seemed to dismiss GSP’s desire for more stringent testing for himself and Johny Hendricks. According to GSP, this, in part, led to his decision to depart for now, which seems to have lit a fire under UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta. Lorenzo is usually the level-headed one when it comes to giving statements to the press, but today he gave a whole bunch of statements about GSP’s claim and he doesn’t seem happy.

Here is what Lorenzo Fertitta told Yahoo!. [source]
“It was extremely disappointing to hear Georges make those comments because I don’t think any organization has embraced drug testing as we have. We have not only agreed to pay when the commission has said it wants to do enhanced testing, we’ve encouraged it. We have no problem with testing. When we serve as the commission [in areas out of the country where there is no commission], we test everyone on the card so we are thorough and there can be no claims of bias.”