Ken Shamrock Agrees to Fight Ian Freeman in the UK

Ken Shamrock is 49 years old and in the past ten years has a losing record. Ken Shamrock is 49 years old and has nothing to prove to the world, as he was one of the pioneers of the sport of MMA and one of the UFC’s first real stars. Ken Shamrock is 49 years old and is a parable for current stars in MMA to save their money and to not make enemies, as there is no way that he should be fighting anymore.

The news came out today that Ken Shamrock is set to fight 42 year old Ian Freeman in England this summer at an Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships event. The fight is verbally agreed upon and should go down on July 27th in Doncaster. One has to feel that Shamrock would in no way be licensed to fight here in the United States at this point and it is clear why he is fighting in the UK. At least he is fighting someone who is in his same age group.