Josh Thomson says Ben Henderson is weak and doesn’t hit hard

Tell us how you really feel, Josh. I mean, if he is so weak, and doesn’t hit hard, then how did you lose? Ah, the broken hand. Yes. Still, you lost, no point in any sour grapes for you, Mr. ex-Strikeforce champion.

This is the usual arc for Thomson, who will flip-flop between good sportsman and silly complainer on a dime.

Thomson went on Sherdog’s Beatdown radio to talk his UFC on FOX 10 fight:

“Every time he got close to me, I felt like I was able to get to the body lock and just take him down,” said Thomson, as transcribed by Sherdog. “All the things that I had in my mind with him being strong, being a hard kicker, all those things, they weren’t true. I put those in my head just from listening to commentary and from other people talking about how hard he kicks or how strong he is and these types of things. We got in there and locked up the first couple of times and I didn’t feel intimidated at all.”

“Let me just tell you, he’s not strong. He doesn’t hit hard. He’s not strong. He doesn’t kick hard. All those things — none of those things apply. He’s a good athlete. He’s a good fighter. I’ll give him a lot of credit, but the things that people think hurt didn’t hurt at all.”

“I actually gave myself three rounds to two, and then when I watched it when I came back, I could see people giving me four to one. I could have seen that, but I’m a little bit more critical of myself and I gave myself three-two.”

For what it’s worth, I thought Thomson won 3 rounds to 2.