Jose Aldo teases his inevitable move to 155

It’s been know by many for a while now, that Jose Aldo’s cut down to featherweight takes a toll on the former WEC and current UFC champion. Frankly, I’m shocked he’s gone on this long without taking a fight at 155. It’s impressive. Still, it seems like Aldo’s few critics won’t be pleased until he beats up a true lightweight, not just Frankie Edgar, someone who could probably make 135.

MMAFighting got the quote:

“I was pissed with that in the past, and then I fought Edgar and proved that I could do good fights (at 155),” he said. “We’ll see what happens. I still have many goals to accomplish. One day I’ll fight at 155.”

“We always train with heavier sparring partners to make it harder, so the fight will be easier,” he said. “It would be normal for me (to fight at 155). We create difficulties in training so we never think it’s easy.”

“Ricardo Lamas deserved this chance, he was the next in line,” he said. “He’s coming of good wins and earned the shot. He’s a well-rounded fighter, but I still have to sit down with my team to watch his videos and plan a strategy.