Jon Jones Tries to Play Matchmaker with Future Title Challengers

Jon Jones on Twitter this weekend was as confusing as ever, as the young UFC Light Heavyweight Champion seemed to be clinging to the idea that neither Alexander Gustafsson or Daniel Cormier deserve a shot at his Light Heavyweight Championship. Of course, the fans and even UFC President Dana White don’t seem to agree with that, but that doesn’t stop Jon Jones from acting weird on Twitter. In his opinion, Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson should lock horns for the right to fight him (or Glover Teixeira, not that anyone is making huge bets on that) later on down the road.

He also insists that he’s not scared, homie. Jon Jones is just a weird guy. [source]

“Why not give the winner of Alexander and [Daniel Cormier] the winner of myself and Glover??” asked Jones on Twitter. “Call me what you want but I can’t be the only person who thinks that makes perfect sense. I see DC congratulating Alexander and making comments about waiting his turn now. I wonder if they’re afraid to fight each other? People who don’t like to think are quick to call me afraid. Think about it, I’m asking for the meanest of the two would you face winner of Phil vs Anthony?”