Jon Jones Mocks ‘Haters’ Complaining About Eye Pokes


Jon Jones is a rather divisive figure in the MMA world. What he does inside of the ring is amazing, he’s an incredibly gifted athlete and great fighter, but everything that he does outside of the ring is suspect, to say the least. The big controversy for Jon Jones a few weeks ago was “someone” posted homophobic comments from his Instagram account. From there we got stories about how Jon Jones lost his phone, how it was hacked and then, ultimately, they blamed a social media firm.

The question now is; how do you explain this video that Jon Jones posted on Instagram and then promptly took down? Of course the internet got a hold of it before it could go down, saving it for prosperity. I wonder if someone spoofed his likeness or if they’ve made a Jon Jones hologram a la Tupac for Instagram shenanigans?