Jessica Eye Still Won’t Explain Failed Drug Test

Jessica Eye’s UFC debut will forever be marred as it has been turned into a no contest in light of a failed drug test, but the issue right now is that we have no clue what she actually tested for. There have been reports of blood thinners and marijuana but neither have been truly confirmed just yet. So you’d think that Jessica Eye appearing on the MMA Hour would mean that she wouldn’t be able to avoid answering the only question that people tend to care about, right?

Apparently wrong, as Jessica Eye danced around the issue some more. [source]

“I’m continuously trying to clear the air for you guys, but there’s some things on my end that I have to make sure that — I don’t want to say anything for anyone to use against me, but there were some mistakes that I made on my behalf that I didn’t give enough knowledge (to the commission) ahead of time,” a cautious Eye said to host Ariel Helwani.

“It was just something, I made a mistake on my behalf. I’m going to continue to push forward and just not let anything like this ever happen again, or ever leave any kind of allegations out there to be kind of put out there about me.”