SubmissionFC Hemp Sensation Rash Guard Review

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Some guys wear rash guards and others don’t depending on what they are working on that day. For me, a rash guard is an essential part of training no matter if I’m doing Gi, No-Gi, or striking. I like the feeling of sweat being wicked away from the skin and the extra barrier to prevent injuries or nasty skin infections. Naturally when Submission Fight Co released the world’s first Hemp based rash guard, I had to try it for myself.


Benefits of Hemp as Per The Manufacturer
– Strength : Hemp is nature’s strongest fiber
– Antimicrobial :  Naturally antimicrobial and protects from bacteria, fungus or mold
– Green : Hemp is natural and good for the environment
– Breathable : Hemp is much softer and breathable compared to cotton
– Comfort : Hemp fabric is smooth, four times softer than cotton


Weight  Specs From Submission Fight Co. 
– 80% Hemp / 20% Lycra
– White With Green Contrast Stitching
– Sublimated Printing. Designs will never crack, peel or fade away. 
– Anti-Bacterial, Moisture Wicking & Odor Resistant Technology
– Extra Long to Prevent Ride Up
– SPF 50+ For Protection in Outdoor Use
– Long Sleeve
– Awesome Fit
– Natural / Eco-Friendly

Size Chart
Sleeve to Sleeve56″58″60″62″64″

*Measurements are approximations

As with the Hemp Sensation GI, this rash guard follows suit as the most comfortable in its class when it comes to materials. I can really notice a huge difference between this and several other brands non-hemp rash guards I keep in my rotation. Dare I say that this feels more breathable as well when compared to the typical materials used?
The one thing really great is the fact that the Hemp Sensation Rash Guard does not ride up during use. With an extra strong elastic waistband, you will not have to worry about exposed skin showing its ugly head even during the roughest training sessions.
 hemp rash guard
Simple is the name of the game here and suits me just fine. Sublimated logos assure that this rash guard will look as good even after the 20th wash and rolling session. I ended up getting the XL which fits fairly well for a guy my size ( 6′ 0″ 195lbs) and likely someone up to 20lbs heavier. Word to the wise here, if you are a hairy guy, the material stretches enough to show that. But hey, if you are trying to impress the ladies, perhaps gorilla is appealing?
Closing Thoughts
Rash guards are a dime a dozen as with most other training gear these days. What makes the Hemp Sensation Rash Guard unique is the ultra soft material, minimalist design and overall fit and comfort. If you are looking for something that goes with your Hemp Sensation Gi perfectly or perhaps as a cool no-gi top, this would be on my short list if products to consider.

USE CODE MMANUTS to SAVE 10% on all orders at SubmissionFC