So, GSP thinks Hendricks has the edge over Lawler

The question is: Will Johny give more than 70% against Lawler. He famously only gave 70% against GSP, and he lost. Yes, he lost. The fight was close, but maybe if he gave a little more effort he would’ve won, is all I’m saying. You know?

Either way, this fight should be a barn burner, and I truly hope Johny decides to stand up with Robbie. That will be oh so fun. But still, GSP gives the edge to Johny. Interesting.

It’s a fight where anything can happen, both guys can put each other to sleep. They have a lot of power in striking, but I believe Hendricks has the edge in this fight because I believe he will come more well-prepared with his team and he’s got an edge in the grappling department.”