Georges St. Pierre Weighs in on Possible Ben Askren Fight

When it comes to UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre he is usually a pretty straight shooter. He has opinions, even if they aren’t radical ones, and when he expresses them he is very lucid about his intentions. Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren has made his intentions very clear; he’d like to go to the UFC and fight against Georges St. Pierre. Now, if that fight can or will happen due to contract negotiations and everything else, that is up to the suits in this one, but Georges St. Pierre vs. Ben Askren makes sense as a fight.

How does GSP feel about this fight? Surprisingly, he’s all for it. [source]

“Of course (I’d like to fight him),” St-Pierre told “He’s a good fighter, undefeated, and yes, if he comes, I’ll fight him. No problem.”

“Bring him in; I’ll fight everyone,” St-Pierre said. “I am the champion, and I have no choice, so it’s no problem. I’m not afraid.”