Georges St-Pierre Still Talking About That Anderson Silva Superfight

At this point I think we all need to come to terms with the fact that we will probably never see Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre. Hell, we should be okay with it. Both men are tremendous fighters but at this point I’m wondering if they are both still in their prime, both mentally and physically, to make that fight as special as it could have been. Georges St-Pierre is still talking about that superfight, though, mostly because he gets asked about it a lot. Here is what Georges St-Pierre has to say about that whole situation. [source]

There were conversations before but they were talking about me going up at 185. I weigh 190 pounds, the guy weighs 230 pounds when he is off season. I’m 190 pounds off season. Right now I’m 195 at maximum. My friends saw him and he is now 230, 235. I know people who know him. He is very big. It’s not a fair fight for me. Before, Anderson Silva was in my size when he used to fight in Japan but he is very big now. They were talking also that he was going to come in my division when I was the champion and I would have no choice. But me going up and after I fight go back down…I can’t play with my weight. I can’t come back and fight for the title or in a superfight. It has to respect my conditions, I all ask is a fair fight. Right now I need to take some time off. But if they have an offer with something good, maybe.