Dana White Will Cut Nick Diaz if He Fails Another Drug Test

This weekend is a huge event as Nick Diaz challenges Georges St. Pierre for his UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 158 and everyone has been abuzz about the fight for a while now. Things have gone into overdrive after Nick Diaz pulled some antics in Montreal by skipping the open workouts and stealing the show at the prefight press conference. Dana White held his usual media scrum afterwards for the media to ask questions that weren’t answered during the presser and Nick Diaz was, as always, a hot topic.

You can’t talk about Nick Diaz without talking about marijuana and failed drug tests. Diaz has failed a few drug tests now in his career and the media were curious about what would happen if Nick Diaz were to once again test positive. MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani tweeted some of the scrum and according to Dana White, he’d “probably” have to cut Nick Diaz if he failed another drug test. White would also have fined Nick Diaz if he skipped the presser today, especially after no-showing to the open workouts the day before.

To top it off, Dana thinks that Cesar Gracie is a bad influence on Nick Diaz and is a “huge part of the problem.”