Dana White Talks About GSP’s ACL Injury

Everyone was expecting Georges St-Pierre’s sabbatical to be a short one, including UFC president Dana White, but it looks like we’ve all become victims along with GSP when he injured his knee. Dana White knows the score and knows that this injury will leave GSP on the shelf for at least 12 months, so expecting to see him back in 2014 is just a dream at this point.

Ouch. [source]

UFC President Dana White said the injury is “terrible” for St-Pierre. “I feel for him.”

White said he thought St-Pierre’s planned layoff was going to be short, although the injury changes that time frame.

“I didn’t think his hiatus was going to be that long,” White said. “That’s one of the risks you run when you get away from the sport like that. You have a small window as a professional athlete to make what you can. The guy gave up his belt, walked away from the sport, and now he’s out for who knows how long … last time he had this injury, it was 14 months.”