Dana White Doesn’t Know Why Fans Dislike Jon Jones, But Doesn’t Think That It’s Racism

When it comes to Jon Jones, he is a bit of a mystery to the UFC and Dana White. Jon Jones should be the most popular UFC fighter and a fan favorite, yet for some reason that he can’t quite put his finger on, Jon Jones doesn’t really appeal to many fans and actually makes a lot of fans straight up hate him. The question that has been circulating in media circles for a while now has been asking if it is his race that has led to him being unpopular, but it seems rather unlikely as black athletes in all sports are widely accepted and praised.

Here’s his thoughts on this.

“Fighters are what they are,” says White. “Jon Jones comes off as a heel because people don’t like him. For whatever reason people don’t like him, you know….”
It’s not racism, says White, when asked.
“There’s plenty of black fighters. People loved Rampage. People love Anderson. I don’t think it’s a black or a white thing. I think its something about his personality that people don’t like.”