Chris Leben Has Apparently Never Paid Taxes

The joke has always been that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. For a lot of MMA fighters it seems like they keep forgetting one of them and that it catches up with them. For former UFC star Chris Leben it appears that he has yet to pay taxes since he’s been on the UFC payroll and that it might have finally caught up with him. According to Dana White Chris Leben told him that he had never paid taxes and apparently it seems like he might have to do some paying up to the US Government in the near future. [source]

UFC president Dana White said Thursday that Leben has “some minor tax issues€“ like he’s never paid his taxes.” That’s right. Never. Leben is 33 years old and has been in the UFC since 2005.

“He has years of back taxes to pay,” White said at UFC 169 media day at Madison Square Garden.

“Imagine never paying your taxes,” White said incredulously.