Chael Sonnen Believed that Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain III Should Have Been Stopped Earlier

UFC star Chael Sonnen is never one to back down from an argument or to hold his tongue, so when the topic of Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez’s third bout for the Heavyweight title came up, he of course had a lot to say on that. What he had to say shouldn’t be shocking at all, as Chael Sonnen believes that the fight should have been stopped a whole hell of a lot sooner. This seems to be in line with how most people feel about the fight, so Chael Sonnen is not a minority with a radical opinion. [Source]

“Junior Dos Santos’ cornerman needs to be cut, period,” said Sonnen. “That was beyond inappropriate, that they sent him back out there. The doctor comes in twice, what that doctor was looking for I have no idea. The referee didn’t stop the fight, though he should have. Ultimately it defaults to your cornerman, who you trust, who is like a father figure, and that guy let Junior Dos Santos down, period. The commission licenses these cornermen. I don’t have the foggiest idea why; I guess just to take their $25. That should be the first cornerman that’s suspended, that was beyond wrong what he did.”

“You do not stop the fight when your fighter can no longer continue. You stop the fight when your fighter can no longer win. The second your guy can’t win, you get him out of there. That fight should have been stopped way earlier. It knocked years off Junior’s life and career, that cornerman should be fired.”