Ben Askren Meeting with the UFC Next Week, Just Not Signing

This whole game that the UFC is playing with Ben Askren is just downright cruel, I think. Look, Ben Askren might still be kind of untested against the big boys, but the kid has obvious talent and would probably do pretty well within the UFC. According to MMAFighting, Ben Askren is going to meet with Lorenzo Fertita on Monday where Dana White will probably conference in and that they are going to urge him to sign with someone else.

I guess the school of thought is that he’s not seasoned enough for the UFC, but that is just a lame excuse. How many young, untested or flat out not good guys have the UFC signed over the years? The UFC signs up every little bit of talent that is available, which makes not signing Ben Askren pretty strange. It feels like it’s more of a grudge against Bellator than a knock against Askren. [link]

“We’re gonna meet with him on Monday,” White said. “We’re just not going to sign him. He can go to World Series of Fighting where there’s actually some competition for him. There’s no competition for him at that other place [Bellator].

“At least at WSOF he can get some competition and test himself.”