Alistair Overeem Heading to Russia For a Seminar Before LEGEND Fighting

LEGEND is a really, really weird promotion. They have a focus on Kickboxing but do MMA as well, with the first show featuring Aleks Emelianenko vs. Bob Sapp in a fight that I’m pretty sure no one outside of Russia wanted to see. They are pretty much pushing Aleks as their big name fighter and I guess it might work? The next event is November 8th in Russia and will be headlined by Aleks Emelianenko vs. Mirko Cro Cop, which is one of those fights that is both weird and fascinating at the same time.

They are also flying some big name stars out to attend the show as well as do some seminars and such before it. The last show had Jon Jones there, because what looks better than having the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion at your show to stoke the Russian press into writing pieces speculating about his future? The latest UFC fighter to get caught up in this is Alistair Overeem, who will be attending the event as a VIP as well as running a seminar a week before the event out in Russia.

The rumor mills are also spinning about Overeem, as his tenure within the UFC has been less-than-successful and many believe that if he loses his next fight against Frank Mir at UFC 167 he could very quickly become a free agent. The talk on the street is that Overeem has already received a very generous offer from LEGEND to fight for them if he loses his job with the UFC. Fans across the world might finally get to see Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem III, which they’ve all be clamoring for now for years.

I’ll believe it when the ink is dry, though.