Toxikk Promises to Bring Back Classic Arena FPS Gameplay

Right now a team at Epic Games is currently working on a free, new version of Unreal Tournament that will sample from the Unreal Tournament fanbase, including taking their suggestions, help with characters, skins, voice work, hell, even code. It’s kind of a crowd-sourced game but the crowd-sourcing isn’t money, it’s resources. The game will be free, which is cool, but some people don’t feel that way.

Developer Reakktor is looking for things to be 1999 all over again, they miss the days of Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. This is why they are building Toxikk. Toxikk looks incredible from this trailer that they released, looking a bit like classic Unreal Tournament-meets-Halo, making a lot of bold promises that fans of the old arena shooters will be excited about. See, somewhere along the way shooters turned into Call of Duty and we got stuck in this idea of loadouts, classes, leveling up and buying gun attachments. That is great, but sometimes you want something different.

That is what Toxikk promises to provide; classic arena-style gameplay FPS action in a modern package. The game will be on Steam’s Early Access program soon and I don’t know, I think it looks worth trying.