Bungie Details Destiny Pre-Order Bonus Armory Pack

We are deep into Bungie’s Destiny beta on PlayStation, with it coming to Xbox later on this week and man, people are posting videos of them dancing, shooting and pointing around the world of Destiny. In a way it feels like the game is already out because of how much content they give you from the get-go. It takes hours to even unlock the game’s multiplayer (level five), which makes it an interesting experience. If you are playing the Beta there is probably a good chance that you’ve already pre-ordered the game. If not, I’d recommend it, just because.

Anyway, what do you get for pre-ordering? You get access to the Vanguard Armory. What is the Vanguard Armory? Solid question. Bungie has released a video of what you’ll be getting access to with the Vanguard Armory if you pre-order Destiny and it looks like it’ll be worth it.