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Plunge Discount Code

$150 Off with our Plunge Discount Code.

$150 Off at Plunge
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  • $150 Off at Plunge
  • MMA50
Expires on 12/31/2025

Plunge Discount Code May 2024

The Plunge Promo Code for May 2024 is MMA50 which save you $50 Off your order. In addition, we have the most current Cold Plunge Coupons available as we are a direct partner of The Cold Plunge.

Cold Plunge is one of our sponsors and has provided us with a great deal. Therefore, our fans can get this great offer by using our Plunge Coupon. When you use one of our promo codes you are directly supporting our podcast and site. Thanks for your support.

The Cold Plunge Reviews

Micheal B. 5 out of 5
My experience thus far has been fantastic! I’ve been plunging 5 days a week, feeling great and taking advantage of the convenience of having a permanently ready, cold training aid in my backyard. No more buying blocks of ice and wasting gallons of water from my plastic, inflatable tub. I started slow, plunging at 55F for 5-7 minutes. It is true what they say, that 55F in the Cold Plunge is colder than 55F in a static tub. I’m already down to 48F for 12 minutes, and extremely happy with your product! Thank you!

I’m a big fan of ice baths for recovery and have been using them for multiple years. The Cold Plunge makes this process so much easier to use and gives you a consistent water temperature for your ice cold plunge tub. In addition, they have the best ice cold plunge tub for sale and MMANUTS endorses this tub.

Plunge Discount Code

Where Do I enter the Plunge Discount Code?

  • Click add to cart
  • Click checkout
  • Enter Plunge Promo Code MMA50 for $50 off
Plunge Discount Code

Plunge Benefits

Some of the benefits from The Cold Plunge are: immune system support, increased blood flow, reduced chronic pain, boosted metabolism and better sleep. In addition, the Cold Plunge ice bath can help with your mental health by giving you: a boost in energy, elevated mood, help practice discipline, and increased resilience. In addition you can use our Cold Plunge Discount code MMA50 to save $50 Off your order.

About Cold Plunge

Plunge was born during a challenging time. In March 2020, Michael’s float spas were shut down and with his newly found free time, he looked at the cold plunges on the market and found them to be very expensive. He enlisted the help of his dad, and they were determined to create a more affordable ice bath. After numerous different trails, the Plunge was born.

Save $50 Off your order with Plunge Discount Code MMA50

Does your Cold Plunge Discount Code expire?

Our Cold Plunge Promo Code MMA50 is good for $50 off and does not expire. Therefore, this is the highest discount available that The Cold Plunge offers at this time.

Plunge Discount Code

Save $50 Off your order with Plunge Discount Code MMA50

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