Diamond MMA Coupon

Diamond MMA Coupon

$10 off code MMANUTS

Diamond MMA Coupon

Diamond MMA makes one of the best cups around. It was designed so that there is zero shifting. They have a unique 4 strap design that secures the cup in place which guarantees zero shifting and maximizes safety and performance.

Diamond MMA’s cup was designed for superior comfort and total protection. It’s ultra lightweight and fits like a glove.

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Diamond MMA makes 2 different cup styles. The Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock and Cup System and the Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts and Cup System.

Diamond MMA Cups are used by the following elite athletes: Anthony Pettis, Chael Sonnen, Cain Velasquez, Gilbert Melendez, Joe Rogan, Michael Chandler, LaMarr Woodley, Daniel Morales, Jon Fitch, Herschel Walker, Sergio Pettis, Phil Baroni, Alan Belcher, Pat Barry, plus more.

Here is the Diamond MMA nut shot montage showing how effective this cup is.