Woodley vs Lawler Results | Classic Fights | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 302

Woodley vs Lawler Results


Classic Fight Throw Down [7:59]
Tyron Woodley vs Robbie Lawler [12:43]
Jon Danaher GSP story [16:01]
Joe Rogan resigns with the UFC [18:33]
Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz [20:46]
Brandon Vera show possibly on Netflix [22:00]
USADA increasing their drug testing [24:06]
How do we get rid of USADA? [24:25]
Why do we drug test athletes? [25:39]
Rizin [32:23]
Shane Carwin wants to come out of retirement [32:41]
Mark Hunt tirade [33:30]
New MMA rules [36:04]

If you could remove one loss from your favorite fighter’s record, what would it be? [38:47]

Hey Nuts, Lets’ say the UFC splits back up into the promotions they bought and the fighters go back to the promotions they originally came from. So Strikeforce gets Cormier, Lawler Diaz, Rousey, etc. WEC gets back Faber, Aldo, Pettis, and Cerrone. Would the UFC be the shittiest promotion? Would they have the least talent? [39:42]

If Nate beats Conor again is “I’m STILL not surprised Mother Fuckers” his best post fight line? Any better ideas? [42:02]

Who is the best at using range during a fight. Is this the most valuable skill? If not, what is? #ToHitAndNotGetHit [44:29]

Describe the specific circumstances when an interim belt should be offered. #InterimRapeTrain [46:42]

Would you rather #TrumpTrain Or #IngoRapeTrain [48:13]

Can the UFC still do Holly/Ronda 2 now that Holly has lost 2 in a row? [49:52]

Out of these #1 contenders (some of them yet to be confirmed for a title shot) who do you see winning the belt? [50:32]
TJ Dillashaw
Jose Aldo
Julianna Pena
Rumble/Glover winner
Karolina Kowalkiewicz

If Conor loses again to Nate and then goes down and loses to Aldo. What happens from there? Does he go 155 and get an immediate title shot or do you believe that would be the end of Conor McGregor? [52:06]

Yair vs Korean Superboy who wins? [52:29]

Who do you think has a better chance at beating DC? Glover or Rumble? [53:23]

Olympic injury [53:42]
Cris Cyborg sweating [54:55]

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