Werdum vs Volkov Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 375

Werdum vs Volkov Recap

Fabricio Werdum vs Alexander Volkov [1:36]
CM Punk is 200% better [3:41]
Floyd Mayweather claims he’s MMA training [4:57]
Benson Henderson vs Roger Heurta in Bellator [10:32]
Dana White in the new UFC 3 game [11:57]
Ronda Rousey’s return to MMA as likely as another Olympic run [13:07]
Paige VanZant and weight cutting [14:12]
Rener Gracie corner audio from Brian Ortega’s corner [16:37]
Cindy Dandois wants to fight Cris Cyborg [19:22]
Yoel Romero, Joey Diaz, Joe Rogan [20:38]
Roy Nelson’s comments on Matt Mitrione [24:04]
Has Conor been good or bad for the sport of MMA and why? [20:20]
What are the worst fights the UFC can make? [33:33]
I describe a fight in 5 words or less and you guess the fight. [35:01]
What podcasts do you suggest besides MMANUTS and Rogan? [42:07]
What do you guys think of this list of the TOP 10 MUSIC ARTISTS OF ALL TIME by Kenny Florian. Just kidding is not by Kenny Florian, is by a legit source, by I forget the name. Anyway, thoughts on the list and who you would switch places?
10- AC/DC
9- Pink Floyd
8- Elton John
7- Michael Jackson
6- Billy Joel
5- Eagles
4- Led Zeppelin
3- Elvis Presley
2- Garth Brooks
1- The Beatles
Would you rather be locked in a room that is constantly dark for a week or a room that is constantly bright for a week? [46:24]

Would you rather have a threesome with Cat Zingano and Mackenzie Dern or deliver anal sex on Gina Carrano? [47:00]
F*** Marry Kill “Woman of Charmed”: Paige Halliwell-Rose McGowan, Piper Halliwell-Holly Marie Combs, Phoebe Halliwell-Allysa Millano [47:55]

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