Vitor Belfort | Legend’s League | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 331

Vitor Belfort | Legend’s League

Kelvin Gastulem vs Vitor Belfort [4:15]
Kelvin Gastulem vs Anderson Silva [4:50]
Matt Hughes wants to come out retirement [6:03]
Jacare vs Robert Whitaker [8:03]
Win or Learn Review [10:27]
Vitor Belfort vs CM Punk [17:07]
Legend’s League [19:59]
Real Sports segment on Cock Fighting [22:13]
Double KO [26:19]
Daniel Cormier not happy with the UFC 210 poster [29:15]
CSAC has new possible changes to weight cutting [31:10]
Miesha Tate and Mickey Gall [35:34]

Which fighter do you always root for in spite of a poor record or low ranking? [38:49]

Name a brutally honest fact about a fighter that his or her fans may not want to admit. [40:20]

I am of the belief that belts/titles matter and are the gold at the end of the rainbow for many fighters to strive for. But UFC seems to be making a mockery of this. Is Rogan actually correct when he says “Why do we even need belts anymore?” or do UFC just need to treat the titles with more respect? [42:26]

Do you think Kelvin Gastelum is getting by easy at 185 by calling out fighters well past they prime? [44:19]

Should they bring in a TRT division with no weight restrictions? [45:16]

Belfort vs Shogun at LHW who wins? [45:33]

Who will beat Conor? [47:04]

How much wood could the woodchuck chuck, if the woodchuck could chuck Norris? [49:36]

Which one would you stop 9-11 or the holocaust? PS: You can’t chose both [50:19]

Would you rather mentally never age or physically never age? [51:18]

Who would win in a fight Godzilla or King Kong? [51:42]

F*** Marry Kill “WWE Edition 3”: Trish Stratus, Lita, Stacy Keibler

Vietnamese police undergo extreme and bizarre training [53:17]
Diego Sanchez neck training exercise [56:00]

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