UFC Ngannou vs Velasquez Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 417

UFC Ngannou vs Velasquez Recap

#Bellator [3:03]
Bellator 215 Matt Mitrione vs Sergei Kharitonv [3:15]
Bellator 216 [5:39]
Cro Cop vs Roy Nelson [7:03]
MVP vs Paul Daley [9:40]
#UFC Phoenix [11:56]
Barberrna vs Luque [15:01]
Paul Felder vs Jason Vick [15:56]
Kron Gracie vs Alex Caceras [16:40]
Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez [22:10]
Kelvin Gastulem vs Israel Adesanya for the Interim Belt [28:21]

Artem Lobov signs with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship [32:20]

Scott Coker wont let Wanderlei SIlva fight again without doctor clearance [33:23]

Mark Hunt [34:03]
Marvel training gear [35:25]
Paige VanZant [36:00]

Tweet of the week [36:50]

#AskTheNuts [39:19]

Of all active fighters, which is your favorite to watch?

What is your prediction for the next 1 year period for Ben askren. Fights/outcomes/belt(s) between today and Feb 2020. 

When will he fight Khabib?

Do you consider that a fight which MUST be made?

So, do you think Sergei took this one in the Ingo or in the Matt? No contest due to strike to the mmanuts?

Everyone is creaming their pants over Stylebender, but he hasn’t fought a top-tier wrestler. How would he fair against a legit grappler like Yoel Romero?

If Cain Velasquez was to accept an open weight fight against Dominic Cruz, how many years would it take for the fight to happen?

At this point I think they need to stop scheduling fights for these injury prone fighters. Use them as an alternate in case a fighter drops last minute.

You’re given a time machine and allowed to change something in martial arts history. What are you doing?

Your birthday month is who you have to fight. 

1) What do you guys think of this quotes about Cain’s fight at UFC: Phoenix that I created and which ones are the best representation of him? I appreciate the thumbs up, middle and down response.

- “AKA” = Annihilating Knees Again

– “And Just Like That It’s All Over” – Mike Goldberg

– “Cain Velasquez Was Never My friend” – Cains Body

– “He Was Working On A Single Leg” -TJ Dillashaw

– “Wakanda Forever”

2) Would you rather go to the moon OR go to mars?

3) Would you rather be the best at something no one cares about OR be slightly above average, but nowhere near the best at something people care about?

4) Would you rather receive $5,000 every week for the rest of your life OR you and your best friend receive $1,000 for the rest of your life?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #33” (Female Wrestlers #13): Naomi, Peyton Royce, Sarah Logan


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