UFC Jeremy Stephens vs Josh Emmett Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 372

UFC Jeremy Stephens vs Josh Emmett Recap

Jeremy Stephens vs Josh Emmett [1:10]
Nate Diaz smoking weed at a UFC Event [8:18]
Conor McGregor controversy [9:39]
Brock Lesnar back in the UFC [11:54]
Elias the ring card boy for Invicta [15:27]
Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr [17:05]
BetDSI Prop bets on Jon Jones [19:57]
What does Wanderlei Silva look like? [22:20]
Joe Schilling vs Rampage at Heavyweight? [22:49]
Romero vs Rockhold [24:05]
If you could pick walkout songs for fighters who would walk out to what song? [24:39]
I’m going to describe a fight in 5 words or less and you guess the fight [27:08]
What fighter do you want to see lose the most? [31:41]
UFC judging. Should it be mandatory for an MMA judge to be an ex-fighter, or at least have training in each of the disciplines? It seems to me these boxing judges appointed by commissions don’t know shit about what they are watching. Also, should judges be segregated from the cage and watch on monitors somewhere else without commentary? [32:30]
What’s your favorite UFC fight and fighter of all time? This question is for both of you. [34:05]
Would you rather have all your choices be made by other people OR using a random method (like flipping a coin)? [38:19]Would you rather wipe out all the bad people OR wipe out all the bad non-living things? [38:55]Again guys! One will spend the night with you and have the greatest sex of your life with, One will fight you and give you a beating of your life time and the One will put you on the friendzone and forever will be your friend. Choose from this options (Claudia Gadelha, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Rose Namajunas)? [39:34]F*** Marry Kill “The Slayers Edition”: Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé or Rihanna [40:52]

Icarus Documentary [41:52]

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