UFC on FOX 23 Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 325

UFC on FOX 23 Results and Recap

UFC on FOX 23 Results and Recap [2:36]
Andrei Arlovski vs Francis Ngannou [2:59]
Donald Cerrone vs Jorge Masvidal [12:36]
Juliana Pena vs Valentina Shevchenko [18:55]
Dave Rickels mannequin challenge at Bellator 171 [21:27]
Mike Goldberg gives a interview about his release [23:26]
UFC 209 poster [29:53]
Is the goal of the new owners to put the UFC out of business? [31:35]
Michael McDonald saving money from his second job to get another fight in the UFC [33:31]
Chael Sonnen gets fired from the Apprentice [36:40]
Is there a rift between the Dana White and Conor McGregor? [39:14]
Jon Anik’s daughter carves her name into their minivan with a rock [44:53]
What does it mean for the future if Holly Holm loses at UFC 208? Does she reitre due to a 3 fight losing streak? Does the UFC cut her and she goes to Bellator? Or does she keep fighting the contenders in the 135 and 145 pound divisions?

Fans love Cowboy for his attitude of fighting anyone, anytime. Although we have seen him look great as of late, do you believe him fighting two times in six weeks played a factor is his performance last night? Will we ever see Cowboy as a champion in the UFC?

Do you think JDS will beat Stipe again in the rematch?

Would you ever do an episode of “Nuts” in front of a live studio audience or have a guest host? If so could I throw my hat in the ring for both?

You have been thrown back in time with modern technology at your hands, would you rather: Try to educate and supply them with technology, furthering the advance of mankind or try to conquer and control them with it, making you their God?

Would you rather have a 20 percent chance of dying right now or a 50 percent chance of losing an arm and a leg right now?

Would you rather own a lamborghini or 10 Toyota Priuses?

F*** Marry Kill MILF Edition: Olivia Wilde, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba


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