UFC Fight Night 95 Results | Cris Cyborg | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 309

UFC Fight Night 95 Results

Anthony Bourdain [1:17]
Mark Coleman vs Joe Rogan [2:45]
UFC 95 Results [3:45]
Bigfoot Silva vs Roy Nelson [3:48]
Cris Cyborg [9:50]
Cris Cyborg weight cutting [12:33]
Inside MMA is no more [17:00]
UFC and commercials [18:13]
Al Iaquinta and contract issues [20:13]
UFC 205 prelims [22:15]
Sage Northcutt trash talking is on another level [24:22]

Who would win in a fight, Matt vs Joe Rogan?[26:52]

When you see standup wars, do you enjoy them as much as you use to, or can you not help but think about all the brain damage they are taking and that they are taking years off their lives for our entertainment? [28:32]

Based off the fights announced so far for UFC 205, do you think the UFC is relying on fans buying the PPV strictly because the card is taking place in NYC? None of the fighters on the card are draws, so I really don’t know what they are thinking. [29:26]

If you’re the UFC, do you put McGregor on UFC 205? [30:22]

What do you think of Cruz’s commentating, very technical, but damn he sounds like such an annoying high school girl? [31:29]

Also you guys ready for Barao to get demolished against anyone decent at 145 his fight was so lack luster I did believe he was gonna get ruined he looked so doubtful at weigh ins but he stuck in there and got a decision. I fast forwarded through most of his fight and it looked like three rounds of feeling out. [32:14]

What’s going to happen first, women’s 145 or women’s 125? [34:58]

If Mousasi beats Belfort does he get a title shot? [35:17]

Would you like to see Rumble vs Stipe and who wins? [36:02]
If you are the UFC, would you be better off if there was a union? [37:11]

Would you rather dip your finger in acid or get your big toes eaten by a camel? [38:38]

Would you rather have your own restaurant or have your own nightclub? What would you guys called? [39:22]

Would you rather be a wolf for the rest of your life or be an owl for the rest of your life? [39:59]

Would you rather be the absolute dictator of the world or live in your utopia? [40:20]

The Revenant [41:15]

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