UFC Fight Night 89 Preview | Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 295

UFC Fight Night 89 Preview | Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald

The craziest 2 weeks in MMA [0:48]
Kimbo Slice [1:26]
Ariel Helwani situation [4:11]
UFC hires lobbying firm to combat the extension of the Ali Act to MMA [13:20]
Brock Lesnar and USADA [16:36]
Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt [20:08]
Chad Mendes gets flagged for a potential violation [24:12]
Anthony Pettis is cutting to Featherweight [26:26]
Miesha Tate Reeboking [29:06]
Dan Henderson’s welcome home sign [29:52]
Steam is picking up for Michael Lisping vs Dan Henderson 2 [30:00]

Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald Preview [32:28]
Donald Cerrone vs Patrick Cote [40:56]


Mark Hunt said “I think he’s juiced to the gills and I still think I’m gonna knock him out” Quote of the year candidate? [45:24]

What’s with Dana White’s shirts? Always look 3 sizes too small. Another Reebok fail? [45:35]

How much talk of juicing do you think took place between Brock and the UFC and how will they protect Roidbrock from USADA? [46:03]

Can you rate the top 3 female fighter booty’s in MMA? Gold, Silver, Bronze #IdTapDat [46:20]

If you had $1,000,000 to bet with, how much money would you put on Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor? [47:07]

Which UFC Champion is more douchey? Bisping or Cruz? [47:42]

Do you all buy into the Frank Mir curse? Is Hunt the man to break it? Does legacy overcome a roided Brock? [48:03]

Would you rather take 3 leg kicks from Edson Barboza or 1 H-Bomb from Hendo? [48:33]

Do you think Brock is still the biggest PPV draw the UFC has ever had? Adding him to UFC 200 might have tripled the buy rate. I don’t know if Ronda or even Conor could say that. [49:15]

Who is your favorite in the rematch of Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz? [50:01]

Conor is the favorite again. Even after a loss against Nate. Did that ever happen in the past (loser in a rematch the favorite) [50:18]

Would you rather get dumped by text message OR in front of all your friends? [50:47]

Would you rather live a long life without ever falling in love OR live a short live but experience a passionate romance? [51:06]

Would you rather make a $1,000,000/Year Euthanizing Babies and Small Kittens OR Make $20,000/Year Doing What You Love? [51:27]

Would you rather fuck Ronda Rousey but she breaks both your arms later OR fuck Miesha Tate but she break both of your legs later? [52:25]

Would you rather fuck Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson? [52:49]


Xbox One has Goat Simulator as a free game [53:03]

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