UFC 229 Recap | Khabib vs McGregor | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 401

UFC 229 Recap | Khabib vs McGregor

UFC 229 Recap [2:19]
Bruce Buffer with 2 suits [5:09]
Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov [7:01]
Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis [22:44]
Derrick Lewis vs Volkov [26:55]
Fedor sweater up for auction [30:27]
Bellator 207 and 208 [31:32]
Wanderlei Silva does not win his bid for congressman in Brazil [32:08]

Tweet of the week
Who do you think hates each other more? 

Khabib – Conor 
Faber – Cruz 
Cormier – Jones

(any others?)

I put a $100 on Khabib, but everyone else I knew bet on McGregor. Their rationale was his superior striking, but how many times have we seen the classic “stiker vs grabbler” matchup and the wrestler loses? I could only think of Silva/ Sonnan, JDS / Velasquez 1, Mendes/ McGregor.

Do you think McGregor and Pettis should fight next? Since they both lost on Saturday

Which UFC division would be the best to do a tournament with at this time? 

Who would win: MVP or Darren Till? 

Would you rather see better quality fighters using UFC rules or poor quality fighters using Pride rules?

Would you rather invade Ireland, accompanied by high in cocaine Chuck Liddell and stable Rich Franklin, beat the crap of every single douchebag Irish (only the douchebags, the cool people stay safe), unite Ireland as whole and bang Mackenzie Dern OR invade Russia, accompanied by motivated BJ Penn and super high Nick Diaz, beat the crap of Putin, takeover the government and bang a prime look Gina Carano?

Would you rather get shoot by a rubber bullet, get tased by a stungun and pepper spray by a mace in the eye, with no rest between then, BUT you are able to have the greatest night of your life with Jennifer Lawrence OR you have to cut 60 POUNDS!!! of weight and suffer the worst weight cut experience of all time, BUT you are able to have the greatest night of your life with Emma Watson?

Would you rather only be able to watch Flyweights fights, that will be boring as fuck, but you make world peace OR watch and create whatever fight you guys want, but the world will start to go in complete chaos?

Who would win today if they fight: Anderson Silva or Rich Franklin?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #18” (Pirates Of Caribbean Franchise): Kaya Scodelario, Keira Knightley Penélope Cruz


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