UFC 229 | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 395

UFC 229

Wanderlei Silva going to run for Brazilian Congress [2:15]
Jon Jones gets tested by USADA for the first time [4:58]
Daniel Cormier gets his tooth fixed [6:05]
What is Johny Hendricks up to? [7:32]
#UFC 229 [10:20]
Paul Harris misses weight and then some [17:26]
Dana White not interested in GSP one off fights [21:26]
3D rendering of Homer Simpson [25:40]
You nuts walk the line but which fighter is “the most serious” and which fighter is “the most ridiculous”? [28:00]

Who is the heaviest fighter that mighty mouse can beat? [29:42]

AP is reporting that Donald Trump is in a dark place. DO you think he’ll run into GSP there. (insert Ingo’s GSP impression here) [29:57]

What are the chances the Khabib vs. McGregor fight actually takes place? If it gets cancelled, what’s the most likely reason? [35:46]

“I’m in that ass”?! What kind of fight is DC hoping for??? [36:40]

Would you rather be perceived as likable or competent? [37:48]

Would you rather climb the tallest mountain or travel to the bottom of the sea? [38:07]

Would you rather travel to Tokyo (Japan) or London (England)? [38:23]

F*** Marry Kill “Battle of CM Punk Present & Past Women Edition #1”: AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, Maria Kanellis [41:30]


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