UFC 216 Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 355

UFC 216 Results and Recap

Fabricio Werdum vs Walt Harris [4:16]
Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee [4:40]
Mighty Mouse vs Ray Borg [5:21]
Jon Jones – Jeff Novitsky makes some interesting comments [10:16]
UFC and FOX are through the exclusive negotiations [15:19]
Cris Cyborg not happy about how much she’s getting paid in the UFC [19:43]
George Foreman wants to fight to fight Steven Segal [22:07]
Anthony Rumble Johnson is considering returning to the UFC at Heavyweight [23:32]
Swayze Valentine answers a question about the endswell [25:30]
Mac Holloway vs Frankie Edgar and Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gathje at UFC 218 [27:40]
Carlos Condit vs Neil Magny at UFC 219 [28:10]
Rico Verhoeven vs Big Foot Silva in Glory still happening [28:33]

Who gets more criticism for ducking #1 contenders, Conor or Bisping? [29:30]

Mighty Mouse claims to be the best ever, but most would agree his division sucks. Would his streak been this long if he were in any other weight class? [30:00]

With all the g.o.a.t. talk around Mighty Mouse and the legendary GSP returning next month, who do you guys think is legitimately the best UFC fighter ever and why? [30:25]

Rumble is back after a 6 month retirement to the surprise of no one. Why can’t fighters commit to moving on? [32:50]

Ferguson vs Conor. Will it ever happen? I feel like Conor want’s no part of it. (and I wouldn’t blame him with that crazy ground game Tony has) [33:33]

Would you rather take one million dollars to never masturbate or one hundred dollars every time you masturbate? [35:25]

Would you rather eat anything you want for free or eat anything you want and don’t get fat? [36:12]

Rank this franchises 1 to 6 in therms to best deal for a good meal: Chipotle, Red Lobster, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and Popeyes. [37:24]

F*** Marry Kill “Fairy Tail Anime Edition”: Erza, Juvia, Lucy? [38:25]

Women Jousting [39:42]
Don’t steal a man’s nachos [40:32]

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