UFC 210 Preview | Bellator 175 Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 333

UFC 210 Preview | Bellator 175 Results and Recap

Rampage vs King Mo 2 [1:20]
Kharitonov vs Gormley [4:02]
UFC 210 [6:00]
Chris Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi [6:42]
Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson 2 [11:37]
What will the PPV buy rate be for UFC 210? [15:27]
Bellator PPV will be priced at $50 [17:03]
What will the Bellator PPV buy rate be? [19:00]
Ticket prices for Bellator PPV [21:30]
Mark Hunt get a chest tattoo [23:12]
UFC 211 Poster [25:03]
CSAC did a study and found that 30% of fighters step in the cage at 10% over the weight class [26:08]
Cro Cop wants to fight Fedor for his retirement match [27:46]

Who wins? 
CM punk vs Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm? [29:38]

CM Punk vs Kimbo Slice? [29:58]

Who’s the better fighter, Daniel Cormier or Cain Velasquez? [30:24]

Why doesn’t the UFC have enough young exciting stars? [31:50]

Hey nuts. Just wondering if you believe, like Bisping, that GSP is getting cold feet after feeling small at the faceoff/presser. Or is there some other reason behind the stalling of the contract-signing? [34:24]

Would you rather work as a cashier for the rest of your life or be a prostitute for 5 years? [36:11]

Would you rather have all your dreams come true but have a 10% chance of instant death or be completely average with nothing special about you? [36:52]

Would you rather live as a black man in the southern US in the 1800’s or a Woman in Afghanistan now? [38:00]

F*** Marry Kill “Brasil Edition”: Aline Riscado, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Sabrina Sato [38:20]

Literal Bohemian Rhapsody [39:17]
Woman tries to headbutt pumpkin [40:43]

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